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Radioactive01 Radioactive01 14 November 2018

Tygras Discord Server

Hey there, everyone!

It's me, Radioactive_One, or Radio. I'm sure some of ya'll remember be. I remember some of y'all. xD


I'm not sure how many of y'all even come back to check this for whatever reason, but I thought I'd share with y'all something I have been debating on doing. Well, I finally decided that I was going to do it, mainly because I figured we needed a place where we can all get together, to reconnect.

So, I made a Discord Server for all of us Tygrans (is that what we are called? *shrugs*). I want it to be a place, much like the forums of Tygras were with the added bonus of the chatroom. There are places to chat, show of art, and rping. The rping categories are still in the works, however.

That's where you guys come in. I …

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NaedreTheExecutioner NaedreTheExecutioner 15 March 2018

Auf Wiedersehen Tygras

Hello all! This is Naedre/Viperess. I am honestly completely heartbroken over the disappearance of Tygras. At first I hoped it was just an update - but I guess it really is gone! For anyone who wants - I have multiple social media (mainly I use IG @/naedre.seo.cwellere) and I would love it if you all were to contact me 💕 With much love, ~The Super Savoury Snake

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StripedPanther StripedPanther 4 March 2018

See you Tygras, you were a blast

I was just talking to my friend about getting back into roleplaying. They mentioned to me about Tygras kicking the bucket, I literally cant believe it. After googling it, sure enough its gone. 

I have a lot of memories on that site.

Im sure a lot of members know who I am, same name still in use today, so many years later. I was really active in the roleplaying scene over there. I had thousands of posts of just roleplaying! I made a ton of friends, including BlueTigerLily who Im still friends with today. I remember people getting excited when they saw my name pop up in their roleplay post.

I cant even remember when I joined Tygras, it was such a long time ago! 

When I first joined Tygras, I was pretty horrible. At everything. I didn't know how …

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Forestcats350 Forestcats350 19 November 2017

Farewell my dear Tygras.

Hey, I'm skywolf. I was a player of tygras since maybe around 2013-2014, and i normally don't come on the wiki here but after seeing the news that Tygras is most likely gone forever, i feel sort of shattered in a way. I met many great friends on tygras, and often roleplayed, though i did get banned once on both of my accounts i did comeback. Tygras was a game i was really addicted too, infact i had over 30-40 saebyrs(i think thats how its spelled). I was a huge player and loved collecting pygmes and saebyrs. I don't remember much of the game now but i wish it a forever farewell. Tygras changed my life alot, and it's a game i thoroughly enjoyed. Goodbye tygras.

For those of you who know me i do play the 'dog' version of Tygras called wajas a…

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OKanadaO OKanadaO 23 September 2017

Goodbe Tygras

I posted this on the Downtime Forums but thought I ought to put it here. - Even if it's hard, it's getting to the point where we have to admit that our beloved Tygras is gone. For good. I feel kind of foolish, since I joined the site last year, while others joined years ago. The thing is that I was on it every day, and it helped me through the family issues going on at the time. I joined in June or July of last year. I had heard of pet sims, and had been looking for some. I adore cats, so I was kind of searching around for that, as well as fantasy and breeding elements. Then, I found Tygras! I was captivated instantly. I learned the mechanics in less than a week, and I loved the small community. Since it was summer, I had all the time I wa…

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Emily Sparrowpaw Emily Sparrowpaw 9 September 2017

Farewell Tygras

Hi, I've gone by many names over the years I was on Tygras. From my first ever name Kitty12345,  to Wolf's Howl, to VampireNightcore, and even Hamiltrash, to the names I don't even remember.

Many of you know me, or maybe the Tygras users I knew phased out long ago. I would occasionally be looking for something to do, and I would go to see if Tygras is online. It never is, and so I go to the wiki for updates. Today I saw the first update that truely shattered my hope. Tygras is gone forever.

For a solid five years, I was a listed member of Tygras. I was active maybe 2 and half of those years, online from sunrise until long after sunset. I became very addicted to the roleplaying and the community. I even invited many of my real life friends to…

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Wolffang121 Wolffang121 11 February 2012

First day

This is the first day and it's a real pain.The pages are hard to find and I'm still trying to work out kinks. Hopefully this will be a better site soon!

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