Tygras Wiki

There are three types of currency on Tygras: TC, AT, and TGP. While TC is intangible and must be stored in the Bank, TGP and AT are both classified as Items and are stored in the user's Inventory. All three currencies can be spent in User Shops, while the site shops are specific to a single currency.


TygrasCash II.png

TC stands for Tygra Cash. It is the main form of currency on Tygras, and most things can be bought with it. TC can be earned by playing games in the arcade or by working a job in one of the shops. TC can also be made by selling items or Tygras, or by having a thread open on the Forums which makes revenue (e.g. an art shop or an auction thread). TC can occasionally be found in Explore or through a random event. The Bank can be used to store TC and transfer TC to other users.



TGP stands for Tygra Points. TGP is the site's premium currency, sourced in real money with 1 TGP equivalent to $1 USD. TGP are mainly obtained by donating to the site, but they can occasionally be bought from User Shops for significant amounts of TC. TGP can be used to buy account upgrades, special items, and Custom Keys, which can be used to create custom Tygras. TGP can be spent at the TygraPoints Shop in the Monastery.



AT stands for Activity Tokens. AT is a special currency that is earned through regular activity on the site. When you visit any page, there is a chance that you will receive an AT. There is also a small chance that your employer will give you an AT as a bonus when you work, or that you will obtain one through a Random Event. AT can be bought from User Shops, but the price doesn't often dip below 200 TC. AT can be exchanged at the Activity Token Shop for various perks. Activity Tokens aren't used for much aside from the perks available in the AT Shop and thus are not often used for things like Tygra sales.