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Kellechauns are tall, skinny Tygras with long tails that split in two at the end. They have large ears and a large white clover-shaped marking on their chests.

Kellechauns are the newest breed on the site, and also the rarest.


Something unique to Kellechauns is that they cannot be made with Custom Keys. A user must use a Clover Coin or Lucky Cuppy Cake on an existing Tygra, which then transforms it into a Kellechaun. These items were going to be given out around St. Patrick's Day and as prizes for events and contests. The change is irreversible (as of now).

Lore and Legend[]

As told by Das-Mimi...

Kellechauns were once said to be a myth until one strange night, Mimi and Jimmy heard a cackling yowl as they took their night walks. As they looked up towards the origin of the sound, they saw the silhouette of the mysterious Tygra!

Coaxing the cat down with witty puns and bad dad jokes, Mimi was able to temporarily tame the first beast that would start the breed!!

Unfortunately, it bit Jimmy and resulted in him turning into a Kellechaun. Jimmy was not happy. However, Mimi took this opportunity to capture the Kellechaun and take it back to the lab where she told joke after joke, leaving the creature in tears, which she bottled and eventually synthesized the Lucky Cuppy Cake!

The Lucky Cuppy Cake was then able to turn Tygras into Kellechauns like Jimmy was converted, but without the biting...

Unfortunately, Mimi left Jimmy as a Kellechaun, not only because she didn't have the technology, but because she amused in Jimmy's anguish over his new form.

Later, Mimi designed the Lucky Clover Coin instead to change Tygras into the Kellechaun, for all of those Gluten Intolerant Tygras!


  • Kellechauns were inspired by Cait Sidhe, a cat-like creature from Celtic mythology. The Cait Sidhe is typically depicted as a large black cat with a prominent white spot on its chest, which is reflected in the Kellechaun design as the white clover chest marking.The first part of "Kellechaun" is taken from Kellas cats, real Scottish wildcats that may have inspired the legend of Cait Sidhe. The second part of "Kellechaun" is taken from the word "leprechaun," another creature associated with Irish folklore. Kellechauns were originally set to be released during St. Patrick's Day as a special breed.
  • Head Moderator Das-Mimi created and designed the Kellechaun and had a professional artist bring it to life.
  • A Kellechaun's clover mark is always white, but a tattoo item was being developed to place over it (discontinued).
  • James Earl Cash was the first Tygra to be turned into a Kellechaun.
  • Kellechauns love bad jokes and puns.
  • Kellechauns are all mischievous by nature and love to move things to make their owner feel like they misplaced things.
  • Kellechauns are the "werewolves of the Tygras world".