Tygras Wiki

Kyngs are tall, thin, regal-looking Tygras with long, fluffy tails.

Kyngs are newer than Pygmies, Ocilynxes, and Lymbers, but much older than Saebyrs and Kellechauns. In terms of breeding rarity, they are rarer than every Tygra except Kellechauns, but are still more commonly seen than Saebyrs.


Kyngs are created with Custom Keys. Out of all the breeds, Kyng Keys are the most expensive by far. However, many users are big fans of them, leading to lots of Custom Kyngs. This breed lacks a Bronze Key. Silver and Gold Kyng Keys are available in the TygraPoints Shop in the Monastery.

  • Silver Kyng Key - 45 TGP (or 650000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)
  • Gold Kyng Key - 50 TGP (or 1000000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)