Tygras Wiki

Lymbers are short, skinny Tygras with very long tails. They have large eyes and friendly expressions.

Lymbers are the third oldest Tygra breed on the site. In terms of breeding rarity, they are more common than Kyngs, Saebyrs, and Kellechauns, but less common than Pygmies and Ocilynxes. This also tends to hold true for their value on the site.


Custom Lymbers are created with Custom Keys. Like Ocilynxes and Kyngs, they lack a Bronze Key. Silver and Gold Lymber Keys are available for purchase in the TygraPoints Shop in the Monastery.

  • Silver Lymber Key - 20 TGP (or 450000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)
  • Gold Lymber Key - 25 TGP (or 475000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)