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"You see a monastery nestled in the wood..."

The Monastery is a major location on Tygras and serves as a sub-menu for other actions.

To go to the Monastery, either click on the castle-like structure on the right side of the world screen, or click on Monastery in the World dropdown menu.


A screenshot of the links in the Monastery as they appeared in February 2012.

Monastery Shop[]

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Players are able to work at the Monastery Shop. The shop sells few items: Mew Berries, Halos, and Tygra Plushies.

TygraPoints Shop[]

Main article: TygraPoints Shop

The TygraPoints Shop is the second shop in the Monastery. Players can buy items and upgrades with their TGP. There are two actions in this shop: buying Custom Keys and upgrading the player's account.

The monk in the monastery.


Once a Key is obtained, its respective door can be opened and a custom Tygra can be created. A Gold Key will allow 3 markings on a Tygra, a Silver will allow 2, and a Bronze will allow 1. The designing works the same as the Custom Designer, and Custom Designer designs can be imported from the designer to the Door.

Only Pygmies and Saebyrs have Bronze Keys, which cannot be bought. The Bronze Keys are Broken Keys, must be fixed under the Key Repair door before they can be used.


Custom Tygras are the infamous Generation 1 Tygras. After obtaining a key, you can open the door with the same name as your key. (e.g. Gold Lymber Keys open the Lymber (Gold) Door.)

Once you have the correct key and have created a design in the Custom Designer for that breed, you can create a Custom Tygra.

Custom Designer and Key Repair[]

Custom Designer[]

The Custom Designer allows players to design their own Tygras, but they cannot bring it to life without a Key. It is merely a design. Players can design any breed of Tygra (except Kellechauns) by layering and changing the colors of markings and mutations. Custom Tygras can have a maximum of 3 markings. Players can then save their designs and edit them at any time. Colors are represented in their respective hex codes.

Key Repair[]

Enter the Monastery door that says "Key Repairs" to fix a Broken Pygmy/Saebyr Key. If players have both halves of a Broken Pygmy/Saebyr Key and enough TGP (10 for Pygmies, 15 for Saebyrs), they can have the halves mended into a Bronze Pygmy/Saebyr Key.

The Not-So-Hidden Door[]

If players receive a random event that says "You feel a cool breeze blow past you...", they can go to the Not-So-Hidden Door and receive 100 TC.