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Pygmies are the smallest breed of Tygra. They are short and stocky with noticeably large ears. They have bright eyes and a friendly expression.

Pygmies are the second oldest breed on the site, after Ocilynxes, though they technically debuted together upon the site's opening. In terms of breeding rarity, they are less common than Ocilynxes, but are more common than the other four breeds. They tend to be the least expensive Tygras to acquire.


Custom Pygmies are created with Custom Keys, and are the least costly to create out of all Tygra breeds. Silver and Gold Pygmy Keys are available to be purchased with TGP in the TygraPoints Shop, while Bronze Pygmy Keys must be found in a broken form and repaired. Whole Bronze Pygmy Keys can be acquired for TC in Das-Mimi's Shop.

  • Bronze Pygmy Key - 200000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop
  • Silver Pygmy Key - 20 TGP (or 35000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)
  • Gold Pygmy Key - 25 TGP (or 460000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)

Broken Keys[]

Two halves of a Broken Pygmy Key can be repaired in the Monastery for 10 TGP. This will give the user a usable Bronze Pygmy Key. Broken Pygmy Keys can rarely be found through Explore.

The only other breed to have a broken key is the Saebyr, which is also the only other breed to have a Bronze Key.