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Saebyrs are large, stocky Tygras with broad shoulders and short tails. Most noticeably, they have large saber-teeth, reminiscent of a saber-tooth tiger, which they are named for.

Saebyrs are the second-newest breed on the site, after Kellechauns. They debuted on the site in August 2014, along with the Dalmatian, Polka Dots, Giraffe, and Bengal markings and Demon Wings mutation. In terms of breeding rarity, they are less common than Ocilynxes, Pygmies, and Lymbers, but more common than Kyngs and Kellechauns. However, they still tend to be more valuable than Kyngs due to their more recent introduction, and there are far less of them on the site than any other breed aside from Kellechauns.


Custom Saebyrs are created with Custom Keys. Silver and Gold Saebyr Keys are available in the TygraPoints Shop to purchase for TGP. Whole Bronze Saebyr Keys can be purchased for TC in Das-Mimi's Shop, or two halves of a Broken Saebyr Key can be repaired in the Monastery.

  • Bronze Saebyr Key - 200000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop
  • Silver Saebyr Key - 20 TGP (or 450000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)
  • Gold Saebyr Key - 25 TGP (or 475000 TC in Das-Mimi's Shop)

Broken Keys[]

Two halves of a Broken Saebyr Key can be repaired at the Monastery for 15 TGP. This will yield a Bronze Saebyr Key. The only other breed with a broken key is the Pygmy, which is also the only other breed with a Bronze Key at all.