Tygras Wiki

User Shops are where users can display items to others in order to sell them or show them off. The user has full customization over the items in their shop, the prices of the items, the name of their shop, and the shop description. The user can access their own shop from the tab Home-->My Shop, and move items into their shop from their Inventory. The User Shop Search is toward the bottom of the World tab's dropdown. The User Shop feature was introduced on July 5th, 2009.[1]

User Shop Features[]

At the top of the screen is the custom name of the user's shop. To the left of the screen is a Shop Description, which the user can edit from Account Settings. To the right are any items the user wishes to display or sell. If you are in your own shop, underneath each item are three text boxes used for typing in the amount of TC, TGP, or AT the user wants to sell them for (respectively). Entering "0" will display no price for that currency, and the item cannot be bought for that currency. If the user enters "0" for all three currencies, the item will be unable to be bought in their shop, and it is simply on display.

Last Item Sales[]

At the bottom of the user's personal Shop screen, there is a link that says "Last Item Sales". Clicking the link will take the user to a separate page, which displays every sale they have made from their Shop. It lists who bought the item, what the item was, how much the buyer paid for it, and what date/time they made the purchase.

User Shop Search[]

The User Shop Search is a useful feature which allows the user to search for specific items in other players' shops. Upon arriving at the page, there are two dropdown menus - one for an item, and one for currency. The list of items contains every item that exists on the site, even ones that are currently impossible to obtain. The list is organized in alphabetical order, and despite being tedious to scroll through, it is useful for finding expensive items at lower prices, or for finding TGP items available for TC (such as in Das-Mimi's Shop). The currency dropdown allows the user to select which currency they wish to buy the item in (TC, TGP, or AT).